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Depression is a treatable illness, but many myths, stigma, and misunderstandings continue to be a barrier in treating depression. The consequences of untreated depression could be fatal one needs to know the facts about depression to save lives. Here are 7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Depression.

1. The reason behind depression

People usually get depressed due to what seems to be a “good reason,” like they lost their job or broke up with a loved one, but clinical depression doesn’t always need a reason for how you feel. The chemicals in your brain (brain neurotransmitters) may be unbalanced, causing you to feel depressed even when your life runs smoothly.

2. Numerous factors can trigger depression

The real causes of depression are still not understood; however, specialists believe that it is probably due to a combination of common factors such as certain environmental factors and an underlying genetic tendency towards depression.

3. Depression is more than sadness.

Sadness is a part of everyday human life, a natural reaction to discomforting or painful circumstances. All of us experience mild to moderate sadness at some point in our lives. However, depression is a severe illness with many other symptoms than just an unhappy mood.

4. Children can also have depression.

Several myths are saying that childhood is a joyful and carefree time in our lives. Since children don’t have the same problems as adults do, such as financial pressure or work-related stress, they are thought to be happy all the time. Children can also be depressed as childhood has its own set of stresses, such as the struggle for peer acceptance and bullying.

5. Depression is an illness.

Depression is not a mood or behavior; it is an illness. You are not weak or crazy. If you are depressed, you are rather ill. Researchers believe that it is caused primarily due to the imbalances of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Some specialists also term depression as a systemic disease.

6. Depression is treatable

You can treat depression by several effective treatment options, including psychotherapy and medications. Additionally, there are many new treatments in the development process that are proving to be very useful for depression, where other options fail.

7. Untreated depression can lead to suicide.

Untreated depression is a prevalent cause of suicides. Having a proper diagnosis and treatment is very important to prevent suicide risk. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 45% of people who commit suicide are experiencing mental illness. And this majorly includes people with undiagnosed or untreated depression.

If you or someone you are loving has the signs of depression, you should learn more about depression, its symptoms, causes, myths and misunderstandings, and treatment options to know what to expect and do as a patient or caregiver.

You should set an appointment for depression with your primary health care physician who can examine the patient by running blood tests to rule out the chances of having any other medical condition that mimics depression. They may refer you to mental health or depression specialist for further appropriate treatment.

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